Rights and obligations of security guards

The rights and obligations of the security guards include not only action against robberies and robberies, but also the comprehensive protection of property.

rights and obligations of security guards in Colombia
His tasks also include protection, surveillance and custody of areas at risk, events or people.

It is not only limited to dealing with already registered accidents, such as armed robberies, but it must also ensure compliance with security regulations that prevent these incidents from being registered.

The rights and obligations of private security guards are supervised and verified by a private security company, as established in the country in the current Private Security and Surveillance Statute. They are also governed by the Security Guard Duties Manual.

In this way, citizens who do not comply with the requirements of the Law to properly establish a private security company are prevented from fulfilling functions inherent to the protection of people or property.

What differentiates them in the rights and obligations of a security guard?
Carrying weapons may be an option for certified security guard personnel. However, they have the responsibility to carry out checks, records and forecasts at a preventive level with or without weapons.

Of course, not in all cases does the responsibility of carrying or using weapons figure among the rights and obligations of security guards. The conditions for its use are typified in the regulations in force in Colombia within the framework of the regulation of proportional use of force.

Although the private security guards are subordinate to the status of a duly established security company, the security companies in turn are attached to the National Superintendency of Private Security and Surveillance.

This is established by the Statute of surveillance and private security, Chapter 7. “The Superintendency of Surveillance and Private Security shall exercise control, inspection and surveillance over all natural or legal persons that carry out surveillance and private security activities and their users in accordance with established by law “

In addition to complying with the requirements established in the Law for the exercise of Private Armed Security Guards Services in Colombia, among the rights and obligations of the security guards and among the functions of the night watchman, there is also the responsibility of training and training to receive their licenses.

Only those who meet the profile of the security guard will be qualified to perform the duties.

By the time they exercise their functions, the security guards should have completed the theoretical and practical training modules associated with the domain of security competencies, complying with what is strictly established in the Law.

They also pass practices and tests of strength in relation to the carrying of weapons and their operation. All this in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the proportional and justified use of force in private security.

Once their preparation and training are completed, the security guards are graduated with the corresponding title and certification.

Only after this certification can they work as security guards of a constituted security company.

Main duties of security guards
Protect and take care of the lives of its clients through preventive means and immediate action in the event of a claim.

You must, as far as possible, work to protect the lives of people at risk around your ward.
Fight for the surveillance and protection of movable and immovable property.
Know in depth the vulnerabilities and strengths existing in the places to be protected.
Carry out the due and regulatory identity control during the access of own or visitors in the area to be protected.

Avoid any type of criminal act in the area under your responsibility.
Collaborate with security agencies in the investigation and attention of criminal acts in the area it protects
You will be able to detain and make available to the security agencies any person caught in criminal acts within the area they protect.
Protect valuables within the property under responsibility and avoid by all means that they suffer damage.

Ensure the correct storage, distribution and safeguarding of customer-owned values ​​inside and outside the area to be protected.
Monitor alarm centers, electronic alerts and all types of private security electronic devices installed on the property

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