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What are the Best Sunglasses for the Beach?

Everyone loves going to the beach. If you want to show off your beach body and your latest pair of beach sunglasses, it’s the perfect place. You can absolutely can wear any pair of sunglasses you want to the beach, however, some shades are more suited for the occasion.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers

Whenever you go to the beach, anywhere in the world, you’re bound to see someone rocking a pair of these Ray-Ban Sunnies, and for good reason. These Wayfarers are great beach sunglasses. Apart from the fact that they look great, they are durable and pricey without being too expensive, and they come with protective lenses to prevent UV light. Rayban provides polarized pairs also. They sell the glasses in several colors, so you can be sure to find a pair that fits the style you’re going for.

Wooden Glasses

These are a great choice for the beach for several reasons. Wooden glasses make you look different and the natural material is a great fit for the outdoors. Plus, they are cheaper than acetate and metal glasses, which means you aren’t going to spend your precious beach time worrying about them getting lost. If you lose them while you are out swimming, since they are made from wood, they won’t have quite as large an environmental impact as if you lost a pair of plastic glasses.

Oakley Holbrook

These are a great pair of glasses from the brand’s lifestyle range that still carry many of the sportier features found on the brand’s other specs. Oakley Holbrook glasses have a lightweight frame perfect for those planning to go out and get active. Like you’d expect from Oakley, they are durable and you can even buy replacement frames if you do end up somehow breaking your frames. These glasses can be bought with both polarized lenses and the regular ones.

Warby Parker Hatcher

Lots of people love the design of the Warby Parker Hatcher sunglasses, as they have a casual cool look that is perfect for the beach, especially in the Oak Barrel color. One great thing about these, and really any glasses from Warby Parker, is that you can get a quality pair of glasses for only around $100, even the ones that come with polarized lenses. They are durable and they have scratch-resistant lenses, at least that’s what the brand claims.


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