Tips for an orderly accounting

Given the need to extend “outsourcing” to many services that companies have and eliminate fixed expenses, entrepreneurs and senior executives seek to know how to hire an accounting consultancy.

An entrepreneur who aims to grow his business needs to have knowledge about his economic situation, how to reduce financial risk, and specific details such as the interest rate in financial planning. That is why accounting should be considered as management of your most valuable resources and not as a tedious task. Among the advantages of having a good accounting analysis, is the performance of costs and expenses, in addition to seeking a better return on invested capital. Another advantage is the possibility of reducing the tax burden of the company, with a good direction from an accounting consultant, you can choose the most appropriate tax regime and choose new directions for the business.

Choosing an advisor is essential in this process, in Accountants and Lawyers we share the best tips to have an orderly accounting, find the best advice and have the best control of your business. Click here for accounting for lawyers

How to choose an accounting firm? Start your search on the internet, but remember that the office must be located in the same city as your company or business because the accounting obligations are related to legislation and tax guidelines that may vary depending on where the tax address of the company is. company.

How much to pay in fees? The values ​​can vary considerably according to the services you require, it is recommended to make a budget with the consulting office and evaluate the cost-benefit of each of them.

How should the service be monitored? Every company must have knowledge of taxes and charges according to the activity of the company and monitor the management of values. You must periodically request from your office the certificate issued by the main tax agencies and public agencies that correspond. It is good, frequently receives balances and documentation that supports each movement. It is important to arrange frequent meetings, from the beginning of the service.

Who is in the custody of the documents?

Documents that your company must keep

Company incorporation documents, records of tax payments and contracts, as well as official documents related to the authorization for the activity. They must return to the company shortly after being used for accounting.

Invoices issued and received
General expenses
Tax Payments
Bank statements
Employee registration
Documents that must be safeguarded by the accounting firm

Contract of service
Fiscal and accounting books
Copy of the company incorporation documents
Employee registration copy
Who must pay the taxes?

The firm is responsible for alerting the company about expirations.

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